Balco is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered and custom architectural building components offering worldwide service and distribution for the commercial construction industry.

With 60 years of experience, Balco has set an industry benchmark with our highly skilled engineers, manufacturing processes, and drafting designs. We customize our products to fit your projects’ needs. Balco is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Balco products include:

  • Expansion Joint Covers

  • Partition Closures

  • Fire Barriers

  • Floor Mats & Grids

  • Stair Nosings

  • Trench & Access Covers

  • Photoluminescent Egress

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Expansion Joint Systems

Balco expansion and seismic joint covers and fire barriers are the vanguard of architecturally specified products. We constantly innovate and incorporate the latest in technology to protect commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels and airports from damage due to earthquakes, fires and storms.

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Partition Closure

Balco partition closure silicone seals are designed to fill the void left between partition walls and exterior facades, curtain walls and cladding in multi-story construction like hospitals, hotels and office buildings. The seals provide vital movement to allow the expansion, contraction and deflection of exterior surfaces like mullions and glass subject to weather conditions.

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Fire Barriers

Balco fire barriers protect expansion joint openings by dynamically continuing the fire rated construction design elements throughout the structural separation allowing for thermal and seismic movements and fire ratings up to 4 hours. Life safety is our priority.

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Stair Nosings

Balco stair nosing products provide an ADA compliant slip-resistant visual leading edge that protect concrete steps at walkways, slopes and stairways. Our stair nosings have a proprietary epoxy abrasive that is both hard and flexible at the same time. Our epoxy is embedded into and raised above an extruded metal base that allows deflection from high volume traffic without chipping, cracking or losing its integral color aggregate.

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Mats & Grids

Balco entrance mats and grids protect the entrance of schools, hospitals, airports, hotels and industrial complexes. Dirt and water from rain and snow are removed from shoes and trapped beneath the surface of the mat or grid prolonging the life of the remaining flooring throughout the building and providing improved air quality.

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Trench & Access Covers

Balco trench and access covers provide sub-floor access to utilities for maintenance in hospitals, schools, laboratories and refrigeration sections of supermarkets and warehouses. Trench covers are linear and can run in multiple directions as well as corners, tee conditions and 4 way junctions. Access covers are individual square units for direct access to maintenance valves, joinery and controls.

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IllumiTread™ Egress

Balco IllumiTread™ Photoluminescent egress markings create an intuitive path for emergency escape from a high rise building, hospital, stadium or arena. Illumitread™ egress markings are IBC compliant systems that provide a lighted path during loss of power and darkness by illuminating handrails, demarcation, stair nosings and directional signage.

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