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CSI's engineering and fabrication experience and capabilities, plus a wide range of materials and finishes provide a single source for your metalwork needs. This gives our customers a single source responsibility for the complicated ornamental portions of a project. We routinely handle projects large and small, as well as single projects that include a wide variety of different elements such as rails, monumental stairs, wall cladding, light fixtures, column covers and more.

Rail Systems

Ornamental railing systems can be functional as well as decorative. We offer custom designs or stock component systems to fulfill your design specifications. We offer glass systems where the glass is the structural component or just an infill panel. If the glass is an infill panel, a multitude of structural support systems are available. Materials for rail systems include carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum with any finish.

Architectural Metalwork

Architectural metalwork can include column covers, torcheres, decorative light fixtures, gazebos, kiosks, trellis, sunshades, soffit & facia cladding and panels, as well as canopies and special enclosures. Materials for architectural metalwork include carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, nickel-silver and specialty metals with any finish. Other materials can be incorporated such as plastics, glass and wood. Units can be large or small and can be straight or curved.

Monumental Stairs

Monumental stairs come in many different configurations such as straight-run, curved, straight-run flights with curved platforms, and spiral stairs with varying degrees of rotation or curvature.

Stairs can be constructed from carbon steel and stainless steel in all types of finishes. We can offer a painted finish or a stair ready to receive a covering of your choice. Also, we can clad the stair system with painted steel, aluminum, finished stainless steel or bronze.


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